Monday, March 30, 2009


Let me think first.......... I don't feel good now.......

Chak.... yesss.... I FEEL GOOD... NTV7!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lonely Tree...

I'm thinking of putting 'something' with the tree....
OOiii friends... give me ideas what to do....!

Animals You Can Not Found In Your Garden!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just to share with you all my special plants ....

Lidah Buaya
Scientific name : A. Vera
Common name : Aloe Vera
Traditional medicinal uses:
Poisonous animal bite - Leaves are pounded into paste and applied as poultice.

Scientific name : Melastoma malabathricum
Common name : Straits Rhododendron
Traditional medicinal uses:
1. stomachache - root boiled and taken as tea.
2. serious injury & wounds - leaves pounded and applied as paste.

Scientific name : Blumae Balsmifera
Common name : Capa, Cepa, Sembong, Telinga Kerbau
Traditional medicinal uses:
1. Postparturation aids to mother - whole plants are boiled and used for bath.
2. Wound & Stomachache - leaves used as poultice.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Ways To Follow For Healthy Pet Fish Care

1. Before putting your fish into water, please remember to treat the water. This step is usually skipped.
That could result in your fish dying as soon as you bring them home from the pet store. In order to prevent this problem, you would need to fill the tank and allow the water to settle for a few days, and then add underwater rocks then run the filter and air pump.

2. It is also important to read the instructions on the food package while feed your fish. You must be careful not to over feed them with fish supplies.

3. In addition be careful, not to put aggressive fish with slow fish- if you see a fish that is behaving unduly aggressively, separate your fish.

4. Be careful not to allow the pH and the temperature of the water in the fish tank stand to fluctuate. This may just kill the fish. It would be smart to keep a thermometer, and check the pH levels of the tank on a regular basis.

5. In the event that a fish is dying, you would need to examine the fish for sores, fin rot, etcetera. If there is a problem, treat the rest of the fish in your tank for any corresponding problems. You would also have to change the water in the tank as well. You could also take the fish to a fish specialist or to the pet store to accurately diagnose the problem.

## Now.... ready to adopt the 'karuk'? :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

What Are You Thinking About??!!

Just want to share with you all this 'little' ' extraordinary' story of mine....
An elderly woman shows her grandson SPM result and asks me about his achievement. As my eyes run through the grades, the elderly share her story...

"I pity my grandson. I guess he doesn't do well in the SPM. He only have the chances to attend school while he is in form four. He have to work to earn for our living when he is suppose to go to school like his other friends. He is not very good in academic though. While in form four, he always get into trouble. The discipline teacher always send me a letter to discuss about his well being at school. He is actually being expelled from school but he has already being registered to take SPM. But to my relief, the teacher told me that he got TWO CREDITS !"

My fellow friends...
are you thinking what I'm thinking?????

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meanings Vary With the Number of Roses

As roses in different colors and varieties carry different meanings, so also, the number of roses being gifted carry some special meaning. Find out the message they convey when they are gifted in singular, double or multiple flowers-

• Single
Rose in Full Bloom - "I still love you"

• 2 Roses together - A commitment or forthcoming marriage, engagement

• 12 Roses - The ultimate declaration of love

• 25 roses - Congratulations!!

• 50 roses - Unconditional love.

• Crown of Roses - Reward of virtue

• Bouquet of full bloom Roses - Gratitude

More updates coming next!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ROSE - Wish for one?

Roses are the most popular flowers world-wide, both because of their beauty and exceptional fragrances.

Further, they are the flowers most sought after for gifting. Popularly rose is known as the flower of love. But indeed various varieties and colors of roses carry different meanings when they are gifted.

Red rose means "I Love You", "True Love', "Congratulations", "Courage and Respect"

Pink rose means "Perfect Happiness", "Secret Love","Grace & Sweetness", "indecision"

White rose means "Innocence", "Purity","Humility", "I am Worthy of You"

More roses on next update.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcoming Your New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy to your family can be exciting. But before you bring your new addition home, it's best to be prepared by following these tips to prevent unnecessary confusion and stress.

Buying in advance for your new puppy

Shopping in advance to make sure everything is well-prepared for your newcomer. Never spend the first day running out to store for the equipments that your puppy needs.

Your new puppy should be fed a healthy food which is specially designed to meet its nutritional requirements. You can ask your breeder or vet to recommend an appropriate diet.

2)Collar and leash :
A nylon or leather collar is the best for your puppy. When you help your puppy try it, slip two fingers between dog and collar to make sure it is not too tight. A six-foot leash is the ideal length for walking or training.

3)Food and water bowls :
Bowls are available in plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Choose an easy-to-clean bowl for your puppy.

4)Grooming equipment:
Prepare a brush, comb, nail clipper, and dog shampoo for grooming purpose.

5)A crate:
Choose the crate that large enough for puppy to stand up and turn around comfortably. It should be a high-quality crate to keep your dog safe when you travel or move, or to be a great aid in housebreaking.

6)Chewies and safe toys:
Prepare the toys that safe and give fun to puppy such as rawhide chips and nylon chews.

7)Veterinary care:
Your dog will need proper care as it grows and only your veterinarian can provide the necessities.

8)Identification Tag:
Your puppy must have a tag with his name, your name, address and contact number in case it gets lost.

9)Reference on puppy care and training :
Get yourself a book or tape covers everything from general care to behavior training. You can also look for a puppy training class in your area.

Preparing a Place for Your Puppy

You must decide and ready a location to put the dog crate. Crate provides your puppy a safe place with no electrical cords or potential hazards when left alone. Choose a crate that large enough to accommodate the puppy at its full grown size if it is housed outdoor.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

As you prepare to bring your puppy home, remember that you need to ‘dogproof’ your house. Here's a simple checklist to make sure your house is safe for puppy to run free and protecting your possessions from destruction.

Keep small items such as rubber bands, buttons and beads out of reach to avoid your puppy choke on them.

Lock away household cleansers, detergents, medicines and other chemical that hazardous to puppy health.

Keep electrical cords out of reach or wrapped in electric tape. Chewing on these cords can cause severe mouth burns or fires.

Check your plants around your house that may harm your dog. Place these poisonous houseplants out of reach. You can consult your veterinarian to know more about poisonous plants.

Install gates to block off certain areas of your home such as balconies and high decks.

Bitter Apple spray can be applied to furniture legs, woodwork and other immovable items to prevent destructive chewing. You can provide toys and chew bones to keep your puppy happy.

Introducing Family

Let your puppy explores its new quarters when arriving your home. Once your puppy is accustomed to its home, yard and toilet area, start introduce it to your family.

Position the children and adults on the floor and allow the puppy to go from one to another, it will accept the entire family without a problem. You also need to make sure your entire family knows how to act, and agree on commands and rules.

Your puppy should be allowed to play with children, but never leave the children alone with puppy. Show the kids and the dog how to respect each other and be gentle.


Give your puppy a head start on obedience and socialization by participating in puppy training class. It’s important to help your puppy forming a good habit and be obedient. You need to spend your time as well to participate in the training classes.

Grooming Your Puppy

Make your puppy feel comfortable about grooming from an early age because it’s a vital part of preventive health care. Taking routine care of your puppy regularly includes combing and brushing, claw trimming, and doing check-up and maintain basic hygiene on its ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Visit Your Vet

Visit your vet for a veterinary examination within a day or two of bringing your puppy home. Ask your breeder for a recommendation if you don’t have vet yet. Your puppy first vet visit may probably cover:-

Meticulous physical exam to determine the health status of your puppy

External and internal parasite prevention

Tips on healthy nutrition and immediate care

Type of vaccines that your puppy needs.

Administer first vaccine

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JoyFinder : Now.... are you ready to adopt one today?!...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exclusive! What the Devil Was Doing In The First Seven Days

I’ve been reading the Reader Digest March copy and came across with this article. I think this is the modern ways to relate all the ‘bad’ things happen nowadays with the nature of creation we’ve been taught before. Read this and share your smile….

In the beginning God created heaven and earth. And earth was without form and void.

And God made a circular light in the heavens, and He called it the Sun. And God saw that the light was good. And the Devil made a smaller light, rectangular in shape, and he called it TV. And the Devil saw that the light was bad.

And God made springs which came out of the ground, oozing fountains of pure, fresh water. And God saw that the water was good. And the Devil invented the fizzy drinks. And saw that the fizzy drinks were bad.

And God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth vegetables, and the herb of the field, that the children may grow up healthy’. And it was so. And the Devil said, ‘Let there be deep-fried potatoes’.
And God said, ‘Let the waters bring forth 10 000 varieties of fish, that they may provide sustenance for the children’. And the Devil arranged that the fish be smothered in batter, deep fried, and served with deep-fried potatoes.

And God created the cattle of the field, and said, ‘Behold, I have given you every living creature that moveth ; to you it shall be for meat’. And the Devil showed how the meat could be minced and turned into burgers, and suggesteth that it always served with deep-fried potatoes.

And on the seventh day, God rested and asked that his children rest too, and use the day to contemplate the wonders of creation. And the Devil created the all-day brunch, cartoon TV channels, and Sunday newspapers filled with articles about celebrities, that the minds of the children be filled with rubbish and the bodies filled with yet more deep-fried potatoes.

And as God said to the boy, ‘Take the girl and go forth and multiply. And of your seed I shall make a great nation, as numberless as the stars of the heavens’. And the Devil invented the computer and recruited 10 000 demons to fill it with online battles and images of top-heavy women. And the boy did part with the girl and did instead cleave to the computer.

And God pointed out to the girl that He had made her with many attractive blandishments which she could use whenever the boy was away from the computer. And the Devil invented the Nintendo DS Lite so that the boy will be able to take the computer games with him wherever he goes.

Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the animals that God had created. And the Devil did enter into the serpent and caused him to say to the girl and the boy, ‘the tree in the middle of the garden the Lord hath told you not to touch. But I say unto you, if you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, your eyes will be opened and you shall be as gods’.
And the boy and the girl looked at the serpent and said unto him, ‘No thanks. We liketh not fruit. But hast thou any deep-fried potatoes?’
And here endeth today’s scripture reading. Amen.

[The story of creation with an unhealthy serving of deep-fried potatoes]
Tall Tales From Asia by Nuri Vittachi

Monday, March 2, 2009

Find Peace in Nature

Beautiful must be the mountains whence ye come,
And bright in the fruitful valleys the streams wherefrom
Ye learn your song:
Where are those starry woods? O might I wander there,
Among the flowers, which in that heavenly air
Bloom the year long!.

Nay, barren are those mountains and spent the streams:
Our song is the voice of desire, that haunts our dreams,
A throe of the heart,
Whose pining visions dim, forbidden hopes profound,
No dying cadence, nor long sigh can sound,
For all our art.

Alone, aloud in the raptured ear of men
We pour our dark nocturnal secret; and then,
As night is withdrawn
From these sweet-springing meads and bursting boughs of May,
Dream, while the innumerable choir of day
Welcome the dawn.

by Robert Bridges